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and that is the presidential battleground state florida. it looks like president obama has a smidgen more overall vote. now we go to pennsylvania, 62 percent barack obama. in ohio that is very similar to the type of voter in pennsylvania 36% of the precincts reporting a slow going their 54-46 for the president at the moment. and as they say no republican goes to the white house without ohio now let's check in with the hometown crowd. you are on jackie. >> i am here with the co-chair of the obama campaign bill daley also former chief of staff welcome just a few minutes ago so,. so calm. >> there has been no major change. >> are you hearing more than what you are seeing at the media? >> things are rolling out as was expected virginia is the same way, ohio is still early into that looks very close with the president is in a strong state what you think the keys were so far in getting these votes? >> i think they are incredible campaign operations in the volunteers. i think it's really unprecedented in the history of american politics. it's good, organized and efficient. you should see volunteers staffing, an
but there is no easy path for you here is the easiest. va., and florida those three. but do the math, that's still not 270. he still needs to pick up either new hampshire or iowa, he needs those two states if he is going to break 270. iowa is leaning towards obama right now. tomorrow night one of the first things to look at is obviously the east coast states will vote first in terms of the numbers but keep your eye on of virginia because the va is critical, if romney loses va. the handwriting may be on the wall, florida will be called or round that same time as well if romney loses florida the handwriting is on the wall and pennsylvania and ohio, all of those are in the first batch. if one picks up virginia and that when he is likely and he has a pretty decent chance in florida if he picks those to up than his race continues. no republican has ever won without ohio. you expected there may be some early calls by the big networks tomorrow? >> the network calls also depend on the exit polls for the first time ever we're doing much to our exit polls around the country we're only looking at battlegro
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's oldest trick in the book! president obama, from florida to new hampshire. mitt romney, iowa to ohio. their pace - frantic. this race - tight... according to the latest polls. even a state like pennsylvania -- once solidly in mr. obama's column, coming into play for romney. chicago's mayor weighs in: it's a close election. i think pennsylvania is secure, but you don't take anything for granted. both sides agree the easiest road to victory..runs right though ohio. "romney is doing well in ohio. you know, polls don't decide elections, voters do." house speaker john boehner says he's confident. and while congressman paul ryan tailgated with cheeseheads in his home state - wisconsin... the democrats bring out secret weapon bill clinton in new hampshire. then - there's the sandy effect on voting and opinion.. new jersey's governor having to reassure republicans romney still gets his vote. "i don't know why telling the president he's doing a good job when he's doing a good job equals an endorsement." in areas still without power because of the superstorm, new jersey residents can cast a p
votes for the president to only 2064 run a. for romney. florida is still not decided. it looks like they may go to the president. whether they do or don't, it will not change the result. this party have to do some soul-searching. >> what questions should the republicans be asking themselves? >> that had to wake up and reflect on that very issue. the primaries make life very difficult these days for every party. the forces everybody to the extreme. romney is not as extreme as he pretended to be during the primaries. position he took on immigration cost him the latino vote. the position he took on abortion cost him among women. that is why he was so down. it was very costly. because he took those extreme positions when it came time for the general he was not really able to back out. he never properly connected with the average middle-class voter. >>do you see any people that may emerge? >> who are the emerging stars? >> we did talk about whether or marco rubio would have been a choice. and was all about the budget and all about the dollars. socially paul ryan was very conservati
campaign is still waiting to hear who won florida's 29-electoral votes. even though the outcome won't affect the election. with more than 8-million votes counted. the president holds a 46-thousand vote lead in florida. the official results are due by saturday. mitt romney wrapped up his long white house candidacy by visiting his campaign headquarters in boston yesterday. he thanked staffers and said he knows they gave it their best shot. campaign members say romney and his wife ann were very gracious in defeat, and there was no sense of finger-pointing over the loss. a longtime friend said romney felt badly that his message about turning america around and solving the nations economic issues hadnt resonated with a broader audience. with the election behind him president is now focusing on brokering a deficit-reduction deal to avert a looming fiscal crisis. lawmakers from both parties have promised to work together to find a compromise before the end of the year. however. they still sharply disagree over the key issue of whether top tax rates should be raised to help resolve the cris
kelley sent several emails to her mayor in tampa florida... complaining she was receiving threats. she wrote them in the early hours of tuesday and wednesday. she said her three children are scared, and her husband can't return home from work because there's so much media blocking the driveway. she also stated the truth will one day prevail in this scandal. kelly recently called the police and asked for diplomatic protection... citing her role as honorary consul to south korea. wgn has learned that alderman sandi jackson is back in washington d-c. she got there last night because of a family health issue not related to her husband jesse jackson jr. she usually goes to d.c. on weekends, but left early because of the family health issue. sandi jackson was absent from yesterday's budget vote at city hall. jackson called in sick yesterday, making this her second missed budget vote. a year after metra's biggest fare hike ever, the transit agency board may be coming back for more- raising fares once again. the board voted a short time ago. and they voted 72 to raise the price of the tickets
air coming in here. these are frost and freeze advisories down in north florida over 17 states under various weather advisories as this big storm starts organizing their tomorrow we will get an easterly winds which will keep temperatures in the '50s and a warm front could set up a few thunderstorms and on sunday with south wins thunderstorms will form out west into these could be coming in towards the bears game time in the evening. here is where the snow will accumulate. you can see we will cover a good part of the western united states with snow. here are the snows that have come down in montana so far, 10 in. anaconda. and while all of that is going on these southerly winds depicted here at 6:30 a.m. and this is the evening wind plot, these winds could be blowing over 40 mi. per hour at times saturday and saturday nights. one or two showers sunday night is the night for rain, we could get one-2 in. of rain out of this. it could be the biggest rain event since july. during the day tomorrow sunshine but increasing cloudiness and milder in the afternoon when there could be an isolat
. vacation homes in florida. hundreds of horses in her care. this is a class c felony that carries a maximum prison sentence of 20 years. the latest after a grocery clerk was shot and killed inside his store. fiery red sending to people and a firefighter to the hospital. the fire broke out at this for4 story building. a took firefighters a half an hour to get it under control the fire fighters being checked as a precaution. police >> say it was during a robbery. a popular store clerk was shot and killed last night. it has the neighborhood eager to see a rest. for a man they say had a heart of gold. the bullet holes and forensic stickers near the register make clear why it is an open today. many regular customers are devastated by the death of a 40 year-old store clerk. why would you heard this man like this? >> investigators likely have plenty of footage of the gunmen and shooting. the clark moved here just a few months ago from new york. he connected with people quickly. >> the tried to keep the boys off the street, just making sure everybody is okay. >>the family of a woman who was
was talking to her from florida over the phone. i don't have any words, that is how terrible it was. we loved it here. there was a very special couple getting some very special help. the deputy administrator of fema paid them a presidential visit scheduled for tomorrow. coming up proposals can change from the vending machines and which schools stay open. and the bears and niners try to figure out who will start monday night. a speed bump! [ wife ] a beached whale! lawn clippings! a mattress. a sausage link. mermaid. honey!? driftwood. come on, you gotta help us out here a little. [ male announcer ] febreze eliminates odors and leaves carpets fresh. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ ♪ it goes something like this ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out.protests at the chicago school board looking at the possibility of schools be closed that is not stopping protesters against the whole idea they plan to focus on underused faci
measures could make history in several states. voters in alabama, florida montana, and wyoming will decide today whether to prohibit individuals and businesses from being required to participate in the health care system. that's a key component of president obama's health care law. the initiatives are largely symbolic, because the proposals violate existing federal law under the affordable health care act. voters in maine, maryland and washington state will decide whether to legalize same sex marriage. if it passes in any of those three states, it would be the first time same-sex marriage was made legal by popular vote. it was legalized in six other states by legislation or court orders. and voters in colorado, oregon and washington will decide whether recreational use of marijuana should be legal. the proposals would allow adults to posess small amounts of pot that would be subject to state regulation and taxes. a legal battle with the federal government is expected if it passes in any of the states. >>stay with wgn for all your election coverage. we'll check in on the polls on th
thanksgiving they come from st. augustine florida. it has actually engulfed the whole beach by the way that is a mannequin, not a real human being. it was just laying there on the beach and you can see the erosion that has occurred out there. we will keep you informed on that situation in the east coast and also the big storms headed for the pacific northwest we have a beautiful pattern shaping up in what may be the warmest thanksgiving and over 14 years. this hazes thickening up into a fog around the metro area we hope not so much that you will be able to see the meteor showers take place later tonight. look at the visibility up in waukegan and kenosha. we have visibility reduced at barlick and ms. kalb. here are the temperatures. we are almost matching these ups of the humidity's are taking off tonight. look how many weather stations report virtually no wind so it perfect setup for fog tonight. that high pressure will lead to these continued wins in the east coast. we're on the precedents of additional fund development after the first day to produce a 50 degree temperature and and ab
battleground states and is expected to make one more stop in most of those states including florida and new hampshire and colorado and nevada. romney will visit many of the same states the final jobs report is largely positive. employers added 171,000 new jobs beating analysts' expectations. experts say it will improve the job market with more people trying to find jobs. early gains from the jobs report on wall street fizzled, they each lost 1%. just one more day left for early voting in chicago suburbs if you haven't registered to vote you can do so tomorrow you have to go in person to the chicago election board. between 9 and 5. and you will have to vote on the spot. a thoughtful family who is chicagos very own. trade winds blowing through chicago's north side rich king has details later in sports. ♪ ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ ♪ it goes something like this ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out.most of us have been touched by cancer in so
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13